Counterfeit Jewelry Seized By The RCMP In Ontario

Salutations to all you Jewelry Lovers out there!

We have all had contact with counterfeit products. Pirated DVDs, luxury bags, or clothing are just a few examples. It is a affliction that plagues every sector of production…In China, they even have counterfeit ice cream and eggs! Yes, you heard me, fake eggs. Look like the real thing, taste like the real thing, cook like the real thing, but will bounce occasionally when dropped, but don’t go around trying to bounce all of your eggs. Oh, and they are extremely toxic.

Ok, enough about eggs, you are here because you love jewelry and want to know everything about it.

The jewelry sector is not immune to the threat of counterfeiting and is in a constant battle to protect itself from the damages caused by this criminal activity.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police play a large part in helping to fight against counterfeiters.  In fact, during the last week of July, the RCMP intercepted nearly 950 counterfeit pieces, consisting of mainly jewelry and hand bags, in Grand Blend, Ontario.

The merchandise confiscated is said to be worth a total of $65,000!

Here are a few tips  from the RCMP to help you recognize counterfeit jewelry and other products:

  • The price is much lower than average.
  • Poor quality packaging and/or spelling mistakes
  • Products (especially electronics) are of poor quality and/or lack a trademark symbol or certification

Please, be very careful when buying jewelry or any product.  Help in the fight against pirating by reporting any suspicious items.  Make an anonymous call to the Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (6477).

Put an end to piracy, once and for all!

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