Dax Giunta: Our First Male Brand Ambassador!

Congratulations Dax! You are officially our first #manofinspiration for DoucetLatendresse.

We are extremely proud to have you as our first male brand ambassador!

So Dax, tell us how you became a globetrotting lifestyle influencer? How does one become an influencer on social media and corporate brands?

After I completed my MBA I was working an office job for L’Oreal Canada in cosmetics marketing.

I couldn’t see myself tied to a large company for the long-term.

I have an English Lit. and writing degree, and always had a knack of expressing myself well on paper, so I started a blog called Man About Montreal (currently known as AboutMTL).  I took and edited my own shots, wrote the copy, did the layout, and published. From there things grew.  I published more content, started getting invited to press events and developing good relationships with PR agencies.

For anyone thinking of joining this awesome journey, know that if your goal is to one day live off your influencer status then you need to ensure your current job allows you some scheduling flexibility to network, attend events, and grow your community. Aside from my brand work I’m also an independent sales rep for new condo construction projects around Montreal.

We see on your social media pages that you have been a brand ambassador on numerous occasions. What tips can you give to our readers who to stand out in the crowd; such as you did to capture our brand’s attention?

It’s important to visually brand yourself and your feed.  Contact a photographer who’s starting out and have them shoot you wearing different looks. They’ll benefit from the exposure and you’ll have high-quality usable content.

A consistent online presence is also key. Post often, make sure to tag accordingly, and never be shy to solicit. Yes, some brands now come to me, but for the ones that don’t, I make a point of reaching out to know if they have any ambassador programs in place and pitching them what I can offer.

The common denominator is that they’re all things I personally relate to, and they’re all tied to a tasteful, aspirational lifestyle that skews upscale. I’m currently in the process of tweaking the site again to bring it to that next level where I feel it could occupy a prominent spot among Montreal’s online media…so stay tuned!

We love your fashion sense! In a few words, how would you describe your style?

A personal sense of style is as unique as the individual but always stems from your personality and whatever you’ll wear confidently. Yes, there are basic principles to dressing well, but the mastery comes when you’re able to go from no-brainer outfits to options that add interest to your look and ramp up your cool factor.

For me the number one staple is a jacket and you’ll rarely see me step out without one.  I love taking the jacket and rocking it with a patterned shirt, dark, dressy jean, and crisp sneaks. Slip in a pocket square for added pizzazz and you’re good to go.


Thank you for taking the time to do an impromptu photoshoot wearing your favorite looks for fall. The jewelry you selected added such flair and panache to your wardrobe. Among your favorite items, you chose rings and bracelets from Italgem Steel and watches from our new collection by Bulova, Seiko and Citizen. What drew you to those items in particular?

I chose those pieces because they’re easy to integrate into my personal style, can literally be worn anytime anywhere, and are fashionable but not over-the-top. I consider them like some added style armour to slay whatever the day throws at me!


Finally, we need to know from you, Mr. Giunta: what inspires you everyday from the moment you wake up in the morning and seize the day J ?

Knowing that I’m part of the lifestyle conversation, both in Montreal and abroad, and that I’m cultivating a trusted voice with my followers.

I take up the challenge with joy and enormous gratitude to those who get behind my content!


Thank you again Dax for joining our DoucetLatendresse community. You make it a cooler and stylish place to be!  #manofinspiration

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