Isabelle Racicot, our 2017 Woman of Inspiration!

DL: Welcome back Isabelle! When we launched our Instagram page earlier this year, you were our first official brand ambassador to grace our social media campaign. Therefore, it is only fitting that you be honoured by closing 2017 as our final #womanofinspiration… We tend to save the best for last!

We recently launched our slogan it’s in #thelittlethings (DesPetitsBonheurs) as jewelry is one of the many ways we can enjoy the little things in life. As Christmas approaches, gift giving and receiving certainly makes us happy. Please share with us what are #thelittlethings that bring you joy?

IR: Sure. First of all, thank you for the honour! Your # is really fitting because this is basically how I live my life, little things make me happy. For example:  Sitting in front of our fireplace, playing dominos with the kids, going over to friends home for a meal, taking the time to read a book or to cook with my kids…those are little moments that bring great joy to me. I also like to take a walk outside with my parents and talk about whatever. Even though I am a parent now, I still like to feel like a child from time to time 🙂

DL: How will you be celebrating the Christmas holidays this year? Do you have any family traditions that make Christmas time both unique and special in your household?

IR: I have several traditions that are important to me during this time of year. I get together with my neighbors (1 week before Xmas) and we cook together as each one of us is hosting our family on the 24th or 25th. I love to do this as a team. We put music on, we laugh…it’s a fun time and we always end up having supper together after. We also have the left over Xmas supper tradition (with the neighbors). We once again get together and do a potluck of our leftovers and share a meal. That’s when we give each child a Pyjama…. it’s a simple but fun tradition.  Also, every year, with my husband and my kids, we have a FREE DAY. We stay in pyjamas all day, everyone is free to do what they want and eat what they want. I love it!

To me the Holiday season is all about spending time with those you love and living the present moment.


DL: So…. have you finished buying all your Christmas gifts for your friends and family yet? Give us an idea of how and where you shop during the holiday season:

  1. Online or in-store
  2. International brands or Quebec small businesses
  3. Quick and easy: at your online boutique (and perhaps even chez nous ☺

IR: A. Since I have my own e-commerce site…obviously, I am the consumer to shop online. I also support by buying local Quebec businesses. I believe it’s extremely important to encourage our own designers and brands such as Doucet Latendresse. I also have a friend that holds a private Marché de Noel at her house with products made in Canada…which I support.

DL: By the way, we noticed you were “oohing and ahhhing” certain jewelry pieces during the photoshoot. Let’s drop a few hints to the hubby by letting him know which ones were your “coup de Coeur” ☺

IR: I am all about the rings. I can’t leave my house without wearing one or a few or else I feel naked. I usually like big massive rings but I had a coup de Coeur for this one. It’s classical, stunning and you can wear it with a gown or dressed down in jeans. LOVE IT


DL: With regards to your online boutique, Picoum, tell us how you chose the name and what inspired you to delve into the world of entrepreneurialship?

IR: I have always admired entrepreneurs and I wanted to do something aside from being a television and radio host. I started Picoum because I was looking for a place I could shop different local brands and read some interesting articles. Picoum is curated by myself and I take the time to share products that I like. Recently I started designing t-shirts like the one on the previous picture (C’est Parfait) and it’s fun ! The reception has been great.

Picoum is a name that I invented when I was about 2 years of age. My grandfather thought it was amusing and started calling me Picoum, « How’s my little Picoum? » That nickname remained with me all my life. My grandfather Roland, who was an entrepreneur, loved to travel and passed that passion on to me; moreover, he taught me the importance of taking time to enjoy life. He passed away a few months before I launched the website. It’s my way of honouring him and also to have him as my guardian angel 🙂

DL: Finally, we really need to know how you manage to juggle: being a wife and mother, having a career both on radio and on television, managing a successful business, staying fit….and so on. Let’s face it; there’s a reason why we voted you as our 2017 #womanof inspiration. Please tell us how you do it? What words of wisdom can you share with our millennial followers who are just about to embark on marriage, motherhood, careers while striving to stay fit and healthy? Most of all, what do you recommend is the best way to simply enjoy #thelittlethings

IR: Wow, now that’s a loaded question! Can we do it all? Can we have it all? NO! but we can come as close to it as possible.  I think that we have to establish what our goals are in order to make good choices.  Mine was to remain as sane and as happy as possible while juggling motherhood and a career. That means that while I get to do a job that I love and I am passionate about, I choose to sleep less so that I can spend time with my kids and my husband. I choose not to aspire be perfect at anything…as a mom (my kids will definitely vouch for that!) and in my job. I work out 3 times a week MAX, cause really, I don’t have time for more. And there are times where I don’t want to work out at all…and It’s OK. For my own sanity, my social life is important, so I make time for that as well. As women, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves but we have to learn to be more tolerant. As Jane Fonda once said « We are made to be whole, not to be perfect! »  I love that quote. Also…DO NOT be afraid of failure, it allows you to try so many different new ventures that you didn’t even think were possible. That’s exactly how Picoum got started and as a television and radio host, it has allowed me to explore so many new different initiatives in the business. It has been a great ride so far…and I am far from being done!

Finally, the best advice my mom gave me was this « Happiness comes from within…don’t expect it to come from anyone or anything. » That’s how I live my life.

Wishing you all an amazing 2018! Luv, Isa xxx


Thank you Isabelle for being our 2017 #womanofinspiration

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Most of all, thank you to our loyal followers on social media. We hope you continue enjoying our blog posts as much as we love creating them!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday! Here’s to a new a sparkling New Year filled with #thelittlethings

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