With Juliette and Lionel, owners and founders of Juliette & Chocolat

Welcome Juliette and Lionel!

As our readers already know, we feature a monthly blog of an inspiring person from La Belle Province!  So, in honour of Valentine’s Day, we were inspired to feature this “sweet” and “lovely” couple: Juliette and Lionel: husband and wife, parents to 5 children, and business partners in a successful local enterprise. Please “indulge” in our “decadent” interview with this power couple.

 DL: The first obvious question is: How do you manage to operate a business (there are currently 8 Juliette & Chocolat restaurants and growing), raise 5 young children and still find time for one another?

J&L: It’s all about working as a team and being focused but also knowing when to stop and just take some time for us. We are partners in work and we complement each other very well. We each manage very different aspects of the work so we’re never stepping on each other’s toes. For the kids, its 50/50, we don’t take each other for granted and we know when one of us must step in to let the other one breath a bit. As for us, even though we are always the last on the list, we always try to plan things we love all through the year: weekend trips, going out for a good meal, watching a good movie, and planning our next adventure.

Interlude bonus: video of the most delicious moments of our meeting! Watch without moderation 😉


DL: During the photoshoot, we felt the amazing love and chemistry that you have for one another. We even witnessed Lionel surprising you with a spontaneous hug and kiss. Lionel: Is this one of the ways you keep the fire burning in your marriage! Please share with our readers other tips that keep your relationship going for over 15 years and counting!

J&L: as mentioned earlier, it’s all about working as a team and we try to do that in all aspects of our lives, but I think what works for us is the mutual respect and inspiration we each have for one another that keeps us going. I am passionate in life and in love. I always try to stay spontaneous and surprise Juliette with unexpected gifts,


DL: With valentine’s day just around the corner, we’d love to know how you lovebirds celebrate it together?

 J&L: We hate having to wait for occasions to celebrate, so we make up our own occasions to celebrate all through the year: we make everyday special and we make it count! Of course, Valentine’s day is as good a day to celebrate but with the years we’ve made it more of a family tradition than a couple’s night out. We decorate the house with flowers, hearts and ribbons, we set up a beautiful table with candles and chocolates and little love notes that we write to one another. Then we cook up a storm with various foods that we all love. The parents have cocktails and the kids have virgin cocktails with sprinkles and strawberries. It’s all about celebrating as a family. We usually end up watching a romantic comedy in bed!


DL: Regarding your enterprise, what inspired you to create Juliette & Chocolat? An entrepreneurial spirit, a love of chocolate or perhaps a combination of both?

 J&L: Definitely both but initially it started with wanting to start and grow a business. We both loved chocolate and we had such a sweet tooth, a business centered around desserts and chocolate seemed like a perfect fit. We started writing our business plan and talking about the concept behind Juliette & Chocolat, and we got immediate and very positive feedback. It was and still is an extremely exciting endeavour.


DL: Your restos are currently in Montreal and the surrounding areas. Our loyal followers in our Sherbrooke, Ottawa, and Quebec City locations (Doucet Latendresse has currently 34 jewelry boutiques in Quebec) would love to know if you intend on opening any Juliette & Chocolat locations in their cities any time soon?

 J&L: Funny you would ask as we are planning our growth in Quebec and Ontario. We’ve had a lot of demand and we wanted to make sure we had a solid base before growing, which we feel we have now. We are even planning on opening some franchises with the right passionate partners.


DL: On a final note, we reached out to collaborate with you for a Valentine’s Day blog since both chocolate and jewelry are perfect gifts for the occasion. What are some romantic ways that we can suggest combining the two items together? Let’s try and give some recommendations to the men who are thinking of popping the question on Valentine’s day!

 J&L: I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t love chocolate and jewels. I always recommend a good meal and finishing with a chocolate dessert to share. I’ve had many proposals at Juliette & Chocolat and the husband to be usually asks us to bring the ring with the dessert!

Personally, I love finding a box of chocolate on my pillow before going to bed and a piece of jewellery underneath my pillow as an extra WOW surprise…trust me! I speak from personal experience J

Thank you, Juliette & Lionel, for being our Valentine’s Day #coupleOfInspiration

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