Celebrating Mother’s Day with Maman Caféine!

On May 13th, Doucet Latendresse will celebrate Mother’s Day. A major event that we celebrate with as much joy, love and emotion!

These values, which we believe are fundamental, we share with Maman Caféine, a famous blogger and exceptional mother of four wonderful children!

It was only natural that we meet her on the eve of celebrating all the moms!

Hello Marie-Eve and thank you for accepting our invitation! Maman Caféine has become a mega-star of social networks (nearly 140,000 subscribers on your Facebook page, nearly 20,000 on Instagram, 10,000 copies of your book published and distributed by the largest brands …). And yet, despite this incredible popularity (that is extremely demanding in terms of time and energy), you continue to be a great mom for your … 4 children under 5 years old!! So, what’s your secret?

Definitely, coffee! Hahahaha! But seriously, the love of my children and the passion in my project are key elements! (But, the coffee joke was… real! 😉)

How are you going to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

The idea is to “brunch” at the restaurant with my parents, my sister and my family! A tradition that I love!

What do you prefer to offer for Mother’s Day?

I like to offer a piece of jewelry carefully selected with a meaning or purpose.  Special attention is always appreciated. Mother’s day is the perfect opportunity to spoil my mom and thank her for who she is and what she does!

You are also a great mom, therefore, you will undoubtedly receive gifts from your children or even your spouse. Any preference? 😉

I’m content with simple acts of love. Beautiful drawings, a handpicked flower and a hug from my minis … there is nothing more precious and it is by far the most beautiful gift. But from a more “material” point of view, then there … I literally melt in front of a pair of shoes or a handbag…and of course a great piece of jewelry 🙊🙄💁!

We offered you several jewels and some have particularly touched you. Can you tell us which ones have a WOW factor?

The Swarovski new collection as well as the “Maman” pendant are incredible! However, my favorite go-to pieces are pearls 😍


During the photo shoot with your youngest child little “Blanche Neige”, what were your favorite pieces of jewelry?

Without hesitation, the Swarovski bear pendant and the pearl pendant. They were going to delight my daughter and were just adorable.

A big thank you to Marie-Ève, aka Maman Caféine, and your lovely daughter Blanche, for joining us! We are happy to have shared these moments with you!  We wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!

To learn more about our May Mother’s day ambassador :  Maman Caféine, visit her blog,  facebook page,  instagram or  Youtube channel!

Need some gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Here are some of the jewels used during our photo shoot!


Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous moms !!!


The Doucet Latendresse family





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