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Good morning Marie-Josée! Thank you for joining us today! We are not surprised  that your role as blogger, founder of and super-mom gives you little free time … so… let’s get this interview started!

Where did you get the idea of ​​ How did you manage to make your passion your job?

The idea and the name of the blog came to me when I was in the shower 😉! I had just made a video with my youngest daughter, Shana, about very special hair curlers and it quickly went viral on various social networks. Since childhood, I dreamed of being in front of the cameras, and today … I became a Youtuber, a blogger and an entrepreneur. I love the idea of ​​choosing my own content.  I really test all kinds of products – good and bad. I also like to produce my own videos and have complete control over my content and images. The closeness I have with my followers is also precious to me! I studied communication and therefore very good at influencing people in buying products that I love. So I merged my two passions: shopping and communication. A year after my Facebook page launched, I made the leap and decided to make it my full-time career!

You are now a reference in the world of fashion and beauty mom-child. So, I would like to have your point of view on the “style” to adopt this summer. Tips and tricks for the many moms who follow our blog?

Dare to choose colors and adopt a casual life style. A beautiful yellow top with distressed jeans, a beautiful scarlet dress, a floppy hat and sunglasses “aviator” style ” all give off summer vibes. These are always fun, boho looks and very popular this summer. These days, I love wearing the patterned kimono, a bit transparent, with a fitted camisole and cropped jeans shorts. I arrange everything with beautiful boho inspired jewelry. As per my shoe style, I prefer flat sandals; ideal for strolling and enjoying our beautiful sunny summer days in comfort. Regarding my hair style, I love the natural “beach waves” trend, which gives me a great “straight from the beach” vibe. For your children, find light clothes, easy to arrange and inexpensive … because the following summer, they will have taken outgrown them, and you will have to start shopping again!I would also like to add that being a mother too often means “staying in your comfort zone” when it comes to fashion. But if there is a perfect season to express yourself and DARE to explore … it’s summertime!


You were simply resplendent during our photoshoot today. The various “tested” Doucet Latendresse jewels (which are offered at exceptional prices as part of our Sale of the President – until July 30) further accentuate your natural charm. What were your favorite jewels?

I loved the gold ring with a square style on the top and big earrings that can go as much for a casual style as chic and well dressed. I also particularly appreciated the layering of silver necklaces in different lengths …a little mismatched … I love the bohemian vibe that it gives!


(In addition to the jewels appearing in the photos, here are Marie-Josée’s other favorite items: Horseshoe Pendant, Bracelet 7.5 “)

This year, it’s not only the jewels that are bright … the sun is just as good! We indeed live a hot summer. What are your pro and personal programs to fully enjoy without risking sunburn? Activities and / or special trips?

We have just purchased a sail boat. So… we are very often enjoying the water on the weekends 😉… and of course, we are very much exposed to the sun. Normally, my children do not like to put on sunscreen, especially on their faces. Luckily, I discovered the Aveeno stick cream and it’s just perfect! It is easy to apply and does not harm the eyes.Regarding my summer plans, we’re leaving on vacay to Las Vegas very soon! It will most definitely be an unforgettable experience for us! Also, since it will be particularly hot this month, we plan to come back and enjoy a lot of pool parties too!!!

Do you have a message to give to our readers?

Yes! I believe that jewellery plays a fundamental role in self-confidence. If you wear a beautiful dress without jewelry, you will not feel as elegant if you don’t have the necklace and matching earrings (of course!) I am already a shopper (and huge fan) of Doucet Latendresse Jewelers and I love that they offer a variety of high quality and affordable items… especially during the President’s Day Sales, so enjoy! Oh! And Gentlemen: this is the perfect time to propose 😉 since all diamond bridal jewellery is at 40% off until July 30th!


A big thank you Marie-Josée for these valuable tips on how to get that Summer Vibe! We wish you a fun and happy trip to Viva Las Vegas and a much success on your website!

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