Valentine’s Day 2019: Chloe & Dany, Ambassadors of Love…

This year, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Doucet Latendresse has decided to honor one of the most glamorous couple within the Quebec blogosphere: Chloé Dumont and Dany Simard!

The popular blogger ( and a former participant of Occupation Double as well successful businessman ( have been chosen to represent the Doucet Latendresse brand in the month of Love!

Accompanied by their lovely daughter Abigaëlle, the couple took part in a photo shoot in the snowy streets of Old Montreal.

Please see below a series of photos whereby our ambassadors had the opportunity to select and wear their favorite Doucet Latendresse jewellery!


A huge thank you to this endearing family for kindly accepting to weather the cold during the photo shoot!

Feel free to visit Chloe and Dany’s websites and social media pages (Chloe: FacebookInstagramBlogYoutube – Dany: Instagramwebsite)

As for us, we wish all you lovers a wonderful Valentine’s Day! May February 14th, 2019 fill you with love and emotion, unforgettable moments and plenty of shiny jewels 😉 … which we remind you are currently available and for a limited time at unbeatable prices (see examples below) … hurry now  !!!


Bracelet coeur pour femme - Or jaune 10K

Stay tuned for the next article coming soon!

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