World Autism Month – Doucet Latendresse is getting involved again (and even more) in 2019!

Once again this year, and after the success of our 2018 campaign, Doucet Latendresse is committed to working with families and associations in Quebec and Canada to make this 35th edition of World Autism Month a real success!

As part of this year’s autism   awareness campaign, we have introduced 4 unique jewellery items. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to two Quebec foundations affiliated with Autism Spectrum Disorders (see our partners at the end of this article):

But that’s not the only aspect of our commitment to the cause! In this blog, we would like to share with you two beautiful stories through our photos (and video!): That of Sophie Prégent and her 17-year-old son, Mathis; and that of Elena Jen and Giancarlo, her seven-year-old son: Two mothers and their children who, like so many others, are an inspiration for this cause that touches us deeply at Doucet Latendresse.


Sophie Prégent and Mathis

Mathis is a student at the Giant Steps School in Montreal. He loves animated movies and hiking… but what he loves most … is ice cream!!! Mmmm 😉


Elena Jen and Giancarlo

2019 Ambassadors for Walks – Autism Speaks Montreal 2019, Elena Jen and Giancarlo also did us the honor of participating in our photo shoot. According to his mother, Giancarlo is a little boy full of energy, joy and vitality! And since he feels everything intensely, his good mood is euphoric! It is not uncommon to see him exult and clap his hands with overwhelming enthusiasm!


And for those who prefer animation, here is a short video featuring our 2019 Ambassadors for Autism Awareness Month.

On the occasion of this awareness initiative, we invite those wishing to learn more about autism and all our readers willing to donate to the cause to consult our partners’ websites:

Giant Steps Foundation

Autism Speaks Walk in Montreal and Ottawa

The Doucet Latendresse team thanks you for your support!

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