Do You Have to Play Tennis if You Wear A Tennis Bracelet?

Hello Jewelry Aficionados,

In this entry, I will be giving you more information about – my passion, obsession, my reason for living – jewelry. (A little too dramatic?) Today, I am going to give you some information about the first piece of jewelry I received as a child, the spark(le) that lit the fire, the tennis bracelet.

There are many different types of bracelets out there, cuffs, bangles, chains…. Some signify friendship others are said to grant wishes. The tennis bracelet is a bracelet formed by a thin line of small diamonds (or other gems) mounted in a symmetrical pattern. It is quite an elegant piece. It adds sparkle to an outfit, yet is not flashy.

Apparently, this bracelet got its name back in 1987 when a famous tennis player named Chris Everet wore a bracelet like this to a match. While playing, the bracelet broke and the match was stopped so that she could search for her diamonds. This started a trend… and gave this type of bracelet a new name – the “tennis bracelet

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